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My Stylish Side



Alicia Marie

Welcome and thank you for visiting my style blog!  I struggled for a while with the decision to start blogging.  Being a working wife and mother who enjoys family time doesn’t always allow for much extra time.  All this to say, I’m thankful for the opportunity to finally share my love for fashion, style, and beauty.

Fashion is definitely how I express myself.  It’s an outlet for me to express my fearless and fun side.  I certainly don’t hesitate to use my imagination when wardrobe planning.  As a “full figured” girl, it’s not always easy finding pieces that complement my body type and size.  So I admit, shopping is not always the most enjoyable experience. It helps that I know my personal style and most of the time, I know exactly what I’m looking for.  I’m a combination of “Classicists” and sometimes a bit of a “Maverick” when incorporating trendy pieces with different looks.  Finding designer names at bargain prices make me happy.  I also like to keep it simple and could totally care less about wearing designer labels.

Love you all,



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