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Trench Coats & OTKs

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Because it's Monday and I'm restyling my favorite soft trench coat because it's on sale for 60% off! From $130 to $52 and it's such a crazy sale. This time, I decided to totally step out of my style comfort zone!

Getting ahead of myself a little here, but the holidays are quickly approaching. This also includes the new year. I don't typically do New Year's resolutions so it's not something I often thing about. However, this year I do want to challenge myself to be more open to change as it relates to my evolving style! Especially during those times when I find items that I'm afraid to try on. Sometimes there is the fear of being disappointed if an item/piece doesn't work out because it doesn't fit.

So I've vowed to step out of my style comfort zone more going forward. I realize that if I want my style to continue evolving, I have to evolve with it.

Stay Stylish,



Trench/Tank | @nyandcompany

Shorts | @lanebryant

Boots/Earrings | @aldo_shoes

Watch | @fossil

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